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Limited Space

Kayak Harmony Weekend Workshop

"Embrace the Synergy of Greenland Paddle Techniques and Gentle Movement Lessons Designed for the Mature Paddler"

"Unearth ancient wisdom, rediscover the joy of kayaking without the aches and pains, and unlock a lifetime of efficient, enjoyable paddling - No matter what your age or experience level is!"

    • Are you an older kayaker striving to achieve more speed, and agility, while also looking to minimize bodily strain?

      Do you aspire to fully harness the potential of the Greenland paddle? 

      You might be already using it, but have you ever wondered if you are truly maximizing its design potential?

      Welcome to our unique 2-day course that fuses the power of targeted movement lessons with specialized kayaking instructions.

      This course is not merely about teaching you to paddle using the Greenland paddle, but about unveiling the correct way to do so. 

      Many paddlers make the mistake of using it like a Euro paddle, limiting its potential and counteracting its gentle impact on the body. 

      This is where we make a difference. Our course teaches you to unlock the full power of the Greenland paddle as it was meant to be used.

      Just like a musician needs to not only play the right notes but also move their fingers in the right way on the instrument to produce beautiful music, a kayaker must move their body in the right way to paddle efficiently. 

      This is the core essence of our teaching - we make you move in a way that's been refined by the Inuit over thousands of years, with the goal of ensuring your safety and long-term well-being on the water.

      For the first time ever…You'll meet my secret weapon for getting more flexible as I age.

      Carie’s coming all the way from Portland Oregon to share her wisdom with you.

      Our specialized course is designed and taught by two seasoned experts - Carie, who imparts the transformative movement lessons, and Paulo, who takes you through the kayaking part. 

      We work together to help you understand the intricate dance between your body and the paddle, much like the symbiotic relationship between a skilled dancer and their partner.

      The Inuit have been evolving these ways of moving and paddling techniques for thousands of years.

      Their survival depended on it - they needed to ensure that the hunters could paddle safely and effectively for as long as possible. 

      We bring this ancient wisdom to you, integrating it with modern knowledge of body mechanics to ensure you paddle effectively, joyously, and pain-free. 

      If you're ready to experience a revolution in your kayaking journey, this is the course for you.

      Why Would That Work For Me?

    • You know, the Greenland paddle isn't just a piece of wood, it's a piece of history!

      Think about the folks who first used these paddles - the Inuit. For them, it was not just about paddling; it was about survival!

      They relied on these techniques for thousands of years, and hey, they didn't just survive, they thrived!


      If it worked for them for so long, you bet it'll work for you too.



    • Why The Movement Awareness Lessons? I Just Want To Kayak.

    • What we're offering here isn't just about moving your arms and torso; it's about moving your whole body in a way that feels good and works well. 

      It's like learning to dance with your kayak! And the best part is, you don't have to be super strong, you just have to move smarter. 

      That's what Carie's movement awareness lessons are all about.

      People find that the lessons not only makes their kayaking more enjoyable, but the movements themselves are similarly pleasurable as kayaking, and people want to keep doing them for fun. 

      Is this different than what I learned with the Euro paddle?

    • A lot of folks try to use the Greenland paddle like a Euro paddle, but it's a bit like trying to play tennis with a baseball bat. You can do it, but it's not the best way. 

      Our course helps you unlock the real potential of the Greenland paddle, so you can paddle more efficiently and comfortably.

      We've got something unique here - a course that combines movement lessons with kayaking instructions. It's like getting the secrets to a happy body and outstanding competence with your kayak in one place! 

      This means less strain on your body and a smoother ride in your kayak.

      Why Is This Important Now?

      We know that as we get older, things can start to ache a bit more, and that's normal. But what if you could enjoy kayaking without the aches and pains?

      That's what we're aiming for with these lessons.

      We're not talking about a quick fix here. We want you to enjoy kayaking for many more years to come. Our approach helps to ensure that you can continue doing what you love without compromising your body.

      One more thing - the techniques we teach aren't just for calm water. They adapt to different conditions, whether that's a choppy sea or a strong wind. It's like having a toolbox you can dip into, no matter what the weather throws at you!

    About Carie

    Meet Carie, a seasoned Feldenkrais practitioner with a unique specialization: tailoring movement awareness lessons for the older sea kayaker. A sea kayaker herself, Carie understands first-hand the physical demands and unique challenges sea kayaking presents. What sets her apart? An exceptional collaboration with Paulo, a seasoned expert in the kayaking world, resulting in a transformative teaching approach.

    Carie's journey is one of triumph. Once plagued by excruciating pain that stifled her love for kayaking, she explored every avenue from conventional medicine to acupuncture, seeking relief. It was Feldenkrais that provided her a lifeline, not only relieving her pain but also rekindling her passion for kayaking. This personal experience fuels her commitment to helping others achieve the same liberation from pain and rediscover their love for the sport.


    Carie's lessons aren't just about teaching you to be more aware of your movements. They're about empowering you to enjoy sea kayaking to its fullest while ensuring your body's well-being and longevity. She's here to share with you the joy and freedom that come with pain-free kayaking, transforming the way you engage with the sport and enhancing your overall kayaking experience.

    I did go out early and paddle after our last session and didn't have to go through the usual uncomfortable first 5-10 minutes

    Susan Thomson

    NASM Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist

    I was surprised the next morning to feel no stiffness at all as I normally do when I bend over to get dressed. I went kayaking twice this week. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination but I might have felt a little easier in the saddle.



    The classes have improved my balance when paddling

    Philip Murphy


    About Paulo

    Introducing Paulo, an authority in the transformative power of the traditional Greenland paddle and its techniques. With his introduction to kayaking, he quickly discovered this traditional approach and was astounded by how quickly his skills progressed. This experience ignited an insatiable curiosity and a quest for deeper knowledge. 

    “It didn’t make any sense to me that people were teaching kayaking any other way.”  

    With over 22 years of exclusive experience, Paulo has honed the finesse required to leverage the Greenland paddle and techniques to their full potential. His unique approach targets not only younger enthusiasts but is especially beneficial for older paddlers seeking a gentle yet competent method. The techniques Paulo teaches are perfectly attuned to the physical needs of mature kayakers, minimizing strain and maximizing efficiency.

    Paulo understands a common pitfall in the sea kayaking community – many adopt the Greenland paddle, hoping for a gentler experience, but often miss the mark due to incorrect techniques. This leads to unfulfilled potential, a lack of comfort, and even unnecessary discomfort or pain. Paulo is here to rectify this.


    Learning from Paulo, you get the true, time-tested wisdom of Greenland techniques that ensures the most gentle and efficient use of the Greenland paddle. It's not just about mastering a paddle; it's about a holistic transformation of your kayaking experience. Paulo's mission is to empower the regular sea kayakers to develop extraordinary skill quickly. With Paulo, embrace the art of the traditional, enhance your competence, and uncover the gentler path to sea kayaking.

    Your demonstrations and explanations are clear and concise and yet disclose techniques that I have not seen in other courses.

    Ryc Williamson

    Portland, Washington

    My confidence has been greatly increased since I applied these lessons.

    Butch Chase

    Juneau, Alaska

    Instead of controlling the boat your approach is a more spiritual approach. Its different but allowed me more success and enjoyment.

    Bill Faulkenberry

    Our transformative 2-day course is designed specifically for mature, nature-loving kayakers like you.

    Here's The Full Schedule (All Lessons At Smuggler's Cove)

    Saturday, August 12

    3pm Body Wisdom Lesson With Carie

    Our first day focuses on the fine art of movement. You'll discover how to:

  • Unlock your spine for more rotation…for more speed, more effective turning and bracing, and for reducing the strain on your shoulders.

  • Remove habits you picked up to deal with pain or previous injuries, so that you can regain your youthful ease and elegance.

  • Unleash your engine by liberating the full mobility or your pelvis.

  • Learn to align in your skeleton. The more you use your skeleton to support you, the less you need to waste energy using your muscles.

  • Liberate your shoulder blades so that they move independently from your ribcage, to give you greater ease and get the biggest benefit from the Greenland paddle.

  • Program your body to distribute the movements throughout, to relieve the aching overworked parts, and let other parts do their work.

  • 5pm Kayak Lesson With Paulo

    Besides learning to move well you will learn distinctions you probably never even hear of before…all aimed at making paddling easier and more efficient.

  • First we’ll adjust the fit of your kayak to fit your body like a glove, to unlock your engine, and your natural flexibility. Most kayakers ignore this and it’s like building a skyscraper on a flimsy foundation. You just won’t get to the same level of competence.

  • You will learn to hold the paddle so it gives you power and stability as you paddle, and keep your wrist straight at all time, so you can keep paddling all day without straining your wrists.

  • Unleash your larger muscles which for most paddlers stay stuck. So that you have more power, more endurance, and more of the flexibility that makes you stable for edging and avoiding a capsize when paddling in waves.

  • Use that extra rotation you get to keep your arms and shoulders in front of you, so that your shoulders stay strong and healthy. And still get the agility that comes from having more rotation.

  • Practice a technique to keep your arms and shoulders in the strongest possible place, minimizing the weak link. Now you can paddle faster, avoid fatigue, and minimize or even avoid elbow, shoulder, and wrist pain.

  • Learn to modify your forward stroke to make it quiet, efficient, and more importantly to take the pressure off the rotator cuffs, so you can keep paddling for many more years. This technique will also make turning more efficient, your edging more stable, and help you avoid capsizing in waves.

  • Learn a technique that the olympic rowers use, for creating a forward stroke that is easy on the joints. It feels more like building on the momentum of the kayak, instead of trying to jerk it around using brute force.

  • Add timing, like a baseball player throwing a ball, for more ease and power.

  • Learn to paddle in a headwind, so that you are not forcing the paddle to move in the water. It’s a lot easier when you are gently pushing yourself forward without moving the paddle.

  • Use the wind to help you turn or correct course instead of fighting with it.

  • Avoid “breaking the water”. The Greenland paddle is not a scoop or a shovel. It’s designed to be used without moving a lot of water.

  • Avoid moving your body and paddle at the same time. Every athlete knows this, yet for some reason most recreational kayakers never take advantage of this massive gain in efficiency.

  • Sunday, August 13

    On the second day, we'll help you enhance your balance, control, and grace. Here's what's in store:

    10 am Body Wisdom With Carie

  • Improve your spine range of motion, for improved balance, and ease for edging.

  • Ignite your body's potential for graceful, three-dimensional movement. This is the key to having agility with your kayak.

  • Increase the rotation of the pelvis and torso.

  • Make the diagonal muscles in your belly and back work together instead of fighting against each other.

  • 12 pm Kayak Lesson With Paulo

  • Use your whole spine and pelvis for edging with stability. So you can turn on a dime even in waves.

  • Make fine adjustments to the blade angle without putting your wrists in a vulnerable position.

  • Power your sculling with your pelvis, so it feels powerful and keeps your arms and shoulders strain free.

  • Avoid what makes you lock up your lower body when you edge, so you can keep using your full rotation for more power and stability.

  • Instantly turn your forward stroke into support.

  • How the Inuit brace much differently than what you likely learned. You have to do this if you want to have an effective brace with your Greenland paddle.

  • How to do a low brace using your whole core. It’s not only a lot more effective, but it keeps your shoulders happy too.

  • Use your pelvis like an elastic to make turning easy. It also keeps the tension off your shoulders.

  • What timing to use to make turning feel easier and more effective. Most people get this all wrong and end up struggling to turn the kayak.

  • Avoid pushing down on the paddle for support, and what to do instead.


    • You must have a kayak that fits you well, or be willing to make it fit well. What you will learn from me won’t work if you are not wearing your kayak.

    • You will need a camping chair with no back suppot for the movement lessons.

    • You will need a kayak and all the required gear.

    • You must be open to learning something new and different, and keep an open mind.

    • You must be ok with being on camera. We will be filming the event. Mostly Carie and I but also some wide angle shots of all those attending. (you will also get a copy of the movement awareness lessons recording).

    • You must be someone who would value having paddling feel easier on your body, and be willing to try a more gentle approach.

    Our course runs on August 12-13 in Victoria, BC.

    Price only $222 for the whole weekend22

    • Don't miss this incredible opportunity to transform your kayaking experience. Reserve your space today and get ready to conquer the waves with newfound skill, stability, and grace. This isn't just a course; it's your ticket to a pain-free and exhilarating kayaking future. Don't miss out!

    If you have any questions, concerns, not sure if it’s for you…

    Please contact me:

    Email: [email protected]


    Phone: 250-893-0657