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Sage Paddling Legends

A collection of 4 video courses (value $388)

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Paddling Fitness

($97.00 Value)

How to make kayaking a whole body workout.

Imagine being healthy and fit, without having to go to the gym.

You”ll notice how the “3-D Kayaking” method makes your lower back feel strong and healthy.

You will develop more stamina so you can keep paddling longer. 

As you paddle day after day on your first big adventure you feel like an unstoppable machine. And you’re only getting stronger.

You feel good about it because you can see that you will be able to keep paddling and exploring for many more years.


Master the Layback Roll

($97.00 Value)

Here you get a step by step process to the easiest way to roll your kayak. 

I think you’ll be amazed to realize that the same “3-D Kayaking” method of moving is also what makes rolling so easy.

Now you have a roll that doesn’t require any strength, or special talent. And the nice thing about this roll is that because it doesn’t involve pushing the paddle down, there is no risk of shoulder injury.

It’s a roll that you can count on in rough water, not just in the pool. 

This course includes a confidence building segment.. So that you automatically go into Zen mode when you capsize, so you don’t even think about pulling your skirt to get out of the kayak.

If you like playing in the waves, and surf in conditions where you could capsize, you will feel confident that you can get yourself back up without having to go swimming. 

And it makes you feel safer.

You are now part of the more advanced group of paddlers, and it changes how you feel on the water.

Safe Winter Paddling

($97.00 Value)

This course is about how to be ready for paddling in colder and rougher winter conditions.

What to wear and how to layer in a way that makes temperature adjustments easy to make while you paddle…

So that you don’t ever feel cold and miserable. 

And you don’t risk getting hypothermic.

Imagine how much more paddling opportunities you have when you are not limited by weather.

If you like to avoid crowds, and enjoy a more “wild” experience, winter paddling is for you.

Sea Kayak Secret Mastery

($97.00 Value)

I designed this Course with the idea that...  There are skills that will give you the most competence as quickly as possible.️

Ten key Lessons To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

  • Learn the key to using the Greenland Paddle efficiently. As you will see it’s quite different then what you have learned before. You will notice that the forward stroke not only becomes easy on your body but it also prepares you to get a free ride when it gets a bit wavy. Perfect for saving a lot of energy and feeling like you are moving with the flow.

  • Here you will learn how to use the power of a breaking wave to make paddling broadside to the wave feel more secure than paddling on flat water. While most people feel uncomfortable broadside to the waves, fur you it will be more like a meditation practice, timing your paddle strokes perfectly to feel secure.

  • I often see people struggling to turn in the wind when they could so easily let the wind turn them. All it takes is a mindful understanding of how the wind affects your kayak. After learning this you will practice exercises, so you too can experience letting the wind turn your kayak.

  • You will learn how to make your forward stroke more quiet and energy efficient. If you want to paddle faster, or keep going all day long this is a critical concept to grasp. You will be surprised to see that very few even experienced paddler use this to their advantage.

  • Learn to use your core muscles to produce way more power without feeling the strain on your arms and shoulders. This is what will allow you to keep up and paddle all day, even if you are not as strong as you used to be. Perfect for paddling a loaded kayak on an expedition.

  • How to get a boost of energy from a wave to help you move no matter which way the wave is coming from. This is a great energy saver, especially on a windy day. And it is so much fun because it forces you to pay attention to the movement of the waves and how the force affects your kayak.

  • How to stay agile and powerful with your kayak on edge. This will help you turn with ease and make your brace much more quick and secure, so you feel more comfortable in rough or calm water alike.

  • How to condition the right muscle so you feel confident with your edging, bracing, and rolling.

  • The secret to bracing without having to fight gravity. I see a lot of kayakers who think they have a low brace. They know how. But when in rough water they can’t stop a capsize. This is the key to moving your body to make sure your low brace works.

  • The technique which instantly takes you from paddling a boat to wearing your kayak. You will learn to do a side scull. Most people would think of this as an advanced skill, but for the Inuit it was taught early on. After you master this you will notice how everything got a whole lot easier.

  • What customers are saying

    The most useful thing that I have taken from these videos is that torso rotation really starts at the feet and involves the butt & hips more so then twisting at the waist or shoulders. My confidence in conditions and ability to maneuver my kayak is vastly improved.

    - Ryc Williamson Portland, Washington

    Instead of controlling the boat your approach is more spiritual. It's different but allowed me more success and enjoyment. Your segment on fitting the kayak changed my not being able to balance brace to success the first time after fitting the kayak. Also made a dramatic difference in success on the forward finishing roll.

    - Bill Faulkenberry Chesapeake, Virginia

    It was difficult for me to let go of my Euro paddle techniques and my performance suffered from this. Paulo has opened another world for me with his patient teaching. I like the way the videos blend the use of rolling, bracing and sculling to form a solid set of skills that keep me from panic when I find myself in an unfamiliar, dynamic situation.

    - Butch Chase Juneau, Alaska

    About Your Coach

    I started kayaking with a dream to explore the beautiful Gulf Islands. After a few scary crossings I realized I was far from having the skills to keep myself safe. I was practicing daily but not improving fast enough. The day I discovered the Greenland paddle and the traditional techniques was a life changer for me. I could not believe that most people are not using this timeless approach. Even without anyone teaching me I was rolling forward and back within a few months. And soon I could do what most paddlers can’t. After 20 years of using the Greenland paddle exclusively, and sharing the techniques for others for 16 years, I have learned a lot about how to teach these skills to help people get quick results.

    My favorite thing to do is helping paddlers like you go on life changing trips.

    Paulo Ouellet

    30 Days Money Back Guarantee

    If this product is not everything that I say it is and you are not completely satisfied with it, then I will refund every penny of your money with no questions asked within 30 days.

    Sage Paddling Legend

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