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First Ever Kayak Alchemy Retreat

Kayak Alchemy Retreat

Limited Spaces Available

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In The Beautiful Gulf Islands Near Victoria BC

Discover the kayak as a portal into an ancient wisdom of being connected to nature... and your nature. 

Designed to give you ease on your body, a connection with the water, the paddle is an adaptation. Much like the wings on a bird, or the fins on a dolphin. This new perspective is the key to exceptional kayaking skills. And a transformed experience on the water.

Integrates everything into a way of being with your kayak 

As you may know, I'm a big believer that kayaking well has a lot to do with moving your body well ...And wearing your kayak. 

In this unique retreat we focus on: 

Moving naturally with the kayak

Ancient Wisdom takes that new improved way of moving to quickly develop outstanding skills

All techniques become integrated into a fluid way of moving

Leave with a healthy, gentle on the body way of kayaking

This is what you will keep you paddling for many more years pain free

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Greenland Paddle Techniques

Focusing on the skills that are designed to work with the Greenland paddle will quickly get you the results you desire. 

  • More efficient forward stroke, so you can go faster and have it feel easier.

  • More stability so you can stay confident and relaxed in waves and challenging conditions.

  • Easier and more stable edging and turning, so you can maneuver with ease.

  • Learn to do a balance brace.

  • Learn a roll that works consistently, even in rough water.  

  • The lessons start with what you want so bring your aspirations.

Immersive Experience

Having five days to work with you leaves lots of time for fun and relaxation, yet gives you the opportunity to quickly take your skills to the next level.

  • Continuous practice and immediate feedback, leads to getting skill quicker.

  • Without long breaks between sessions you can keep building on what you learned the previous day.

  • Creates an environment where you can dive deep into the nuances of kayaking. Most paddlers never get the ease that comes from the details.

  • Allows you to overcome challenges and see your progress in real-time, which can significantly boost confidence and motivation.

  • Fosters a sense of community and camaraderie among participants.

  • With more time spent with each participant, I can provide more personalized attention and tailored feedback, addressing your needs and style more effectively than in sporadic sessions.

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All In A Relaxing Setting

Staying in the same location means we can focus more on giving you skills, and still enjoy relaxing social time. The location is full of beautiful places to paddle so it won't be like taking lessons in the same place, but more like an adventure.

Early Bird List

Location & Contact

  • 1256 Acton St.

    Victoria BC

  • 1 (250) 893 0657