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 Exactly where to place your paddle to be stable in waves?

The answer may surprise you…and make you almost impossible to capsize.

"This has be a great help to me in preparing for upcoming BCU4* assessment & ACA L3 Instructor Certification Exam. My confidence in conditions and ability to maneuver my kayak is vastly improved."

Ryc Williamson

Portland, Wahsington

"This explained many of the things that are not gone over by kayaking "experts".."

John Marshall

Finger Lakes Region of N.Y.

"My bracing" confused the Guides, because I, mostly, didn't need to brace.”

Bruce B.

"My confidence has been greatly increased since I watched and applied these lessons."

Butch Chase

Juneau Alaska

This is so easy and natural when you get it…

  • What never to do if you want to be stable and still keep moving fast. If you make this mistake you may have to slow down to use your paddle for support.

  • Works in waves and currents.

  • Why moving your body in this more natural way keeps you stable when edging for a turn…even when you edge too far you won’t ever feel like you could capsize.