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It's time to level up...

Discover Your Inner Elegance: The Kayak Alchemy Retreat for Dancing with Nature

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Dates: September 3-8, Pender Island, Port Browning Campground

A short ferry ride from Victoria, the Gulf Islands offer a serene escape where time slows down. Pender Island, with its relaxed pace and natural beauty, provides the perfect backdrop for transformation.

Pub & Bistro:

At the Kayak Alchemy Retreat, we prioritize your learning and relaxation.

The convenience of Port Browning Campground means you can focus on your kayaking journey without the hassle of meal preparation.

Whether you choose to indulge in delicious meals at the nearby pub and bistro or prefer to make your own food at the campground, the choice is yours.

Engage with fellow enthusiasts, or simply savor a quiet moment.


After a day of immersive learning, the pool offers a sanctuary of relaxation. Here, you can unwind and let the water soothe your muscles, ensuring that you're physically and mentally refreshed, ready to absorb new skills with renewed vigor the next day.

Experience Nature's Dance:

Immerse yourself in an environment where you learn to move with nature, not just through it. Feel the power and grace of your kayak as you become one with the water, and rediscover the elegance of your natural movement. This retreat is about unlocking a part of you that's been waiting to dance with the sea.

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When your body moves well, you kayak well

Most people ignore this…and instead, choose hard to learn techniques.

I wonder if they realize what it's costing them...

When they simply learn to move better? Paddlers tell me kayaking feels more natural.

The cost of not focusing on your body:

  • Kayakers tell me they need to take more bracing lessons before they feel completely comfortable in rough water…even though they have been kayaking for 15 years already.

  • They learn 8 steps to roll a kayak. Maybe it works 7 times out of ten, in the pool. They know it’s not reliable in rough water.

  • I’ve received so many emails from people telling me they wish they had learned this lesson before permanently damaging their shoulders.

But how do you undo years of habitual bad ways of moving?

Maybe you feel you're not flexible enough to do a balance brace, or to edge and brace smoothly, or to roll with ease. 

And you might believe there's nothing you can do about it.

Maybe you think you're just getting old. 

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Discover the Magic of Body Wisdom for Kayaking

What if you could learn to move like you did when you were younger... right now!

Carie Fox

Often, our lack of flexibility is not a physical limitation

Body Wisdom is a new way of thinking that's changing how kayakers move. It's based on the ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Learn more about the technology he created here. 

It's about unlocking your body's natural smarts to move better, more easily, and with less effort

Picture a session with Carie, our Body Wisdom expert. She'll guide you through easy, thoughtful movements.

Suddenly, you find you're more flexible than you thought. 

That tricky roll becomes easy.

Maybe you can now do the balance brace for the first time, and you can’t believe how easy it is.

What Our Clients Say

Those who attend our online sessions, tend to come back for more. Read below what they have to say:

After our last session, paddling became so easy, and my torso rotation improved significantly. I've already gotten my money's worth and am a true believer in Body Wisdom.

Susan Thomson

Carie's lessons have transformed my kayaking and daily life. With less pain, increased flexibility, and greater body awareness, I've achieved a level of movement and comfort beyond my expectations. Thank you, Carie, for introducing me to the wonders of Body Wisdom. I'm grateful I showed up!


The classes have enhanced my balance in paddling by engaging helpful body parts and disengaging those that were hindering me.

Philip Murphy

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How are these techniques different from what most kayakers are learning?

Watch this short video to find out

What You Get

You'll learn things I just can't teach in videos. Discover the subtle nuances and eliminate bad habits for a smoother paddling experience.

Stop Wasting Energy:

You will learn to fine tune your forward stroke to avoid wasting energy.

So you can go further, faster, and not feel so tired at the end of the day. Imagine exploring wild coastlines without wearing yourself out, and still feeling great when the day is done.

Learn to move in 3D:

Unlock a greater range of motion that makes edging, rolling, and turning your kayak easier. Imagine feeling at home on the water, controlling your kayak effortlessly by moving naturally.

Discover the secret to effortless balance:

With improved skeletal balance, you'll move tension-free, making edging, rolling, and fine-tuning your balance feel natural and effortless. Picture yourself gliding through dynamic waters, automatically adjusting with ease, saving energy, and reducing strain. 

Develop a powerful low brace:

Which comes from your core, and learn how to turn your forward stroke into quick stability. It feels easy because you're using your core, and there's little pressure on your shoulders. Plus, you don't have to worry about being quick with your brace.

You feel like there's no way you could capsize. Now you can paddle in wind and waves without fear. You feel at peace with your surroundings, like you belong there.

Learn to do a balance brace:

So that you quickly get a sense that the kayak is an extension of your body. A capsize means you are laying on the water comfortably, still breathing, and actually more stable than before you capsized. Imagine how relaxed you will be when you realize, deep down, that capsizing gives you more stability.

Learn the easy and reliable way to roll your kayak:

Sometimes it's best to roll with the waves instead of resisting with a brace. Now you can play in the waves and learn to move in harmony.

You'll get six group movement sessions with Carie:

These group sessions are designed to help you move better with your kayak, increasing your range of movement and making everything feel easier. 

It's an hour of enjoyable, relaxing fun, exploring your body and how it moves. From the moment you stand up, you'll feel a deep sense of alignment and loosening. You'll feel ready to take on the day. Perhaps any discomfort from the night in the tent mysteriously vanished. Plus, you'll feel encouraged as you realize your body can move a lot better than you thought.

What will that do for my kayaking?

Here's an example. I show people how to move their body in 3-D, and often they don't. Or they think they do but aren't. You might wonder, doesn't it take time to develop a range of motion in your body? What if it didn’t have to.You simply remove what is in the way. 

Use more of yourself for the same movement:

This reduces the tension in your joints, and you feel more elegant. You'll be amazed that you still have that much flexibility in your body, something you thought you just couldn’t have anymore. It may just make you feel like you can keep kayaking for many more years.

Get a private Body Wisdom lesson with Carie:

Enjoy a one-on-one private Body Wisdom session with Carie. Tailored specifically to you, this session will target your unique needs, helping you to unlock greater flexibility, eliminate limiting habits, and enhance your connection with your kayak. It's a rare opportunity to experience a personalized approach to improving your kayaking skills and overall well-being.

I don't have any testimonials for the retreat since it's the first ever...but here are some thoughts from clients who have taken multiday lessons from me.

Paul Flynne

Sarah Hood

"When I first got my new kayak and a Greenland paddle, I felt pretty overwhelmed trying to figure out how to use the paddle properly, especially with the sportier kayak.

Thanks to Paulo's lessons and programs, I gained a solid foundation for my skills and a boost in confidence on the water. I'm now a much more efficient paddler and feel way more comfortable handling dynamic waters and tricky weather conditions. Paulo's instructions also made rolling a lot easier.

I've come a long way since I started his lessons. I'm much more confident on the water and am no longer a fair-weather paddler.

Asmin Chen

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What's Included In the "Kayak Alchemy Retreat"

  • Camping on the group campsite

  • Showers, pool

  • Kayak rentals and fitting (for extra fee)

  • First and last dinner together

  • Six Group body wisdom lessons daily

  • One private body wisdom lessons

  • Option to invite significant other (for added fee)

Who It's Not for:

  • You want to learn rescues and re-entries. We focus on the skills that keep you in your kayak.

  • You are looking for a relaxation retreat.

  • Although we aim to make if enjoyable and leave plenty of relaxing time, enjoying each other’s company, we want people who are keen to transform their skills.


  • What is the weather like in September?

  • We tend to get nice weather but you will still want to have warm clothing just in case. 

  • What water temperature can I expect?

  • The water temperature will likely be around 11.5 celsius or 53 fahrenheit.

  • Can I come with an RV?

  • Yes but you will have to arrange your own campsite. You can reserve here: https://www.portbrowning.ca/

  • What if I don't want to sleep in a tent?

  • You can arrange to stay in a glamping tent, and will need to arrange this yourself. Here's where you can get more information about it. https://www.portbrowning.ca/glamping

  • How do I get there?

  • Port Browning is located on Pender Island, a short ferry ride from Victoria. You can drive on the ferry with all your gear.

  • What if I want to go by boat?

  • Port Browning has a marina, so if you want to boat there you can arrange moorage with them.