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Discover the Magic of Body Wisdom for Kayaking

Carie Fox

Living close to nature, just like we all used to, the Inuit have a remarkable body awareness. It's this ability to move with ease and grace that makes their kayaking so elegant and skillful.

You might think you can't be that agile. Maybe you feel you're not flexible enough to do a balance brace, or to edge and brace smoothly, or to roll without with ease. 

And you might believe there's nothing you can do about it.Perhaps you have old injuries which are still limiting you. Or you've spent too many years sitting in a chair. Or maybe you think you're too old to move well again. 

But what if there was a way to regain your youthful elegance?

What if you didn't even have to stretch for weeks or months?

What if you could learn to move like you did when you were younger... right now!

That's what "Body Wisdom" is all about. Sometimes, we think we're not flexible because of the way we’re used to moving, not because of our physical limits.

This is where your kayaking journey gets exciting.

It's not about pushing your body harder; it's about understanding and unlocking what your body can really do. 

And then transforming it into grace on the water.

Body Wisdom is a new way of thinking that's changing how kayakers move. It's based on the ideas of Moshe Feldenkrais, and it's not about adding more techniques.

It's about unlocking your body's natural smarts to move better, more easily, and with less effort.

Picture a session with Carie, our Body Wisdom expert. She'll guide you through easy, thoughtful movements. Suddenly, you'll find you're more flexible than you thought. 

That tricky roll becomes easy. Maybe you can now do the balance brace for the first time, and you can’t believe how easy it is.

It's not magic – it's just your body relearning how to move well. And when your body moves well, you kayak well.

What Our Clients Say

Those who attend our online sessions, tend to come back for more. Read below what they have to say:

After our last session, paddling became so easy, and my torso rotation improved significantly. I've already gotten my money's worth and am a true believer in Body Wisdom.

Susan Thomson

The classes have enhanced my balance in paddling by engaging helpful body parts and disengaging those that were hindering me.

Philip Murphy

After the class, I noticed a surprising lack of stiffness and felt a little more at ease in the kayak. I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but paddling seems easier now.

Julie, DWTS Member