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Fluid Shoulders Serie

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We focus on a crucial yet often overlooked aspect – the shoulders.

  • Reduce Wear and Tear: Protect your shoulders from the repetitive strain of paddling, extending your kayaking adventures with less risk of injury.

  • Relieve and Heal Shoulder Pain: Experience relief from existing shoulder discomfort and create conditions that may foster natural healing.

  • Power Up Your Forward Stroke: Unlock hidden strength in your shoulders to enhance the power and efficiency of every forward stroke.

  • Refine Your Support Strokes: Gain finesse and control in your supportive strokes, allowing for smoother, more stable maneuvering

  • Enhance Overall Endurance: Improve shoulder mobility and strength to boost your endurance, making longer sessions on the water more enjoyable.

  • Discover Effortless Movement: Learn to move your shoulders in a way that feels natural and effortless, reducing fatigue and increasing your enjoyment.

  • Bridge the Mind-Body Gap: Develop a deeper awareness of how your body moves, leading to more precise and effective paddling techniques.

  • Fast-Track Your Learning Curve: Reduce the time it takes to master kayaking by addressing one of the most critical yet overlooked aspects – shoulder movement.



Many people don't realize the full range of movement available in their shoulders, or how developing this can significantly enhance the power of their forward stroke, among other benefits.

Join us in unlocking the secret to "wearing your kayak" like a second skin, mastering those elusive skills you've been aiming for. It's not just about mimicking movements; it's about developing a deep, intuitive understanding of your body in motion. This series isn’t just about learning; it’s about transforming your kayaking experience from the inside out.

Fluid Shoulders Series

Here's What You Get

  • 4 Video lessons, when you simply listen to Carie talk you through easy movement. If you get lost you can watch what I'm doing as a quick reference.

  • At the end of each video are some tips about how to modify the lesson the next time you do it. 

  • After you purchase, you will get a password and link to log into the membership site, where you can instantly access your videos.

  • If you need help with anything just email me at [email protected]

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    • Is there a time limit for my access?

    • No it's going to be available on your member's area anytime you want to access it. Do the lessons as many times as you like and notice the results.