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About Carie And Body Wisdom

Choose From These Series

8 a.m. Pacific Time, by zoom.

Fluid Shoulders: Enhancing Kayak Agility

Starting Nov 26, 2023

This lesson is perfect for older paddlers who value their health and want to continue enjoying the thrill of kayaking with confidence and skill. Join us in "Fluid Shoulders: Enhancing Kayak Agility" and transform your kayaking experience with strength, comfort, and grace.

Head & Pelvis Harmony: 

Starting Jan 7, 2024

Focused on balance, flexibility, and power.

You'll learn how your 'heavy head' and 'heavy pelvis' can work together. This can make your kayaking smooth and easy.

This program goes beyond traditional physical training. It's about the profound connection between your body and your kayak.

Our satisfaction Guarantee

Try one lesson before deciding if it's for you.

If for any reason you don't want to keep going, let me know and I give you every penny back. With a thank you for trying it. 

"I did go out early and paddle after our last session and didn't have to go through the usual uncomfortable first 5-10 minutes until my body warmed up and got into a flow state. Paddling was just so easy and my torso rotation was much improved. So thank you very much for a wonderful session 2 Wednesdays ago. I can't recall how many sessions I signed up for but I've already gotten my money's worth and you've turned me into a believer.

Susan Thomson

NASM Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist 

"The classes have improved my balance when paddling by engaging parts of my body that can help, and disengaging parts that were actively sabotaging.

Philip Murphy


"As I mentioned at the end of the class I was not able to feel any movement or sensation at all in my upper back. However, I was surprised the next morning to feel no stiffness at all as I normally do when I bend over to get dressed. I went kayaking twice this week. I’m not sure if it’s my imagination but I might have felt a little easier in the saddle.


DWTS member